Love Knows No Borders – A Swift Journey to the Green Card

We are thrilled to share the heartwarming success story of our clients, a U.S. citizen, and her beloved spouse. Their love story transcends borders, and their journey toward a spousal green card is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and professional support.

With just 10 months of marriage behind them, the couple embarked on a path to unite their lives further. In March of this year, they entrusted Gehi and Associates with their dream – an AOS application for a spousal green card, a travel permit, and a work permit for the husband.

Reuniting can be challenging, but this couple had good luck. Their love story and unique circumstances led to their interview being waived, bringing them one step closer to their goal.

But the journey didn’t end there. A Request for Further Evidence (RFE) posed a new challenge, and we accepted it head-on. With dedication, expertise, and thorough responses, we navigated the RFE process, ensuring no hurdle was too high.

The result was remarkable. In just seven months, our client received his green card, bringing immense excitement, joy, and relief.

Our clients celebrate their legal status and the strengthened bonds of love from this journey. They are incredibly happy with the smooth processing of their application and the unwavering support provided by Gehi & Associates.

Love knows no borders, and neither do we. Congratulations to this wonderful couple, and here’s to a future filled with endless possibilities and togetherness. Your success story is our success story!

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